Palworld Server RCON Player Listing & Broadcast Tool

Updates & Changelog

As we make changes for Palworld Server owners, we'll publish our updates & changelog here.

With the Launch of Palworld, the devleopers at Nodecraft ran into a common problem: monitoring players on your Palworld server is not easy.

For both customers who rent a Palworld Game Server and other Palworld server owners alike, there wasn’t a common tool to even see who was on your server, much less announce player join/part activity for your server. The CEO of Nodecraft, Jonathan Yarbor, tasked the dev team to build something to solve this.

As a result, AdminPal was built. This tool allows all Palworld Server owners to instantly monitor their Palworld server using this online RCON-based tool. AdminPal directly connects to your server and shows you who is online, monitors players to report in-game when players join or leave the server.

Nodecraft plans to do more with AdminPal, but for now, this was a simple launch for a much needed tool.

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